Cancer Research Science Update blog

A new theme, new hosting and migrating 3 years content for this popular science blog.

Barclays Retail FatWire implementation

A complete renewal of the using the FatWire content management system.

Roachford website

I’ve built a new website for Roachford ahead of his new album and tour.

Barclays Football

I managed the development of all Barclays football related websites for the 2008/9 season, including the very successful, award winning Barclays Ticket Office.

Your London

I ran this website for over 3 years, key pan-London projects included online school admissions, Scores on the Doors, Choice course search and Report It.

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  • Hello, welcome to my website

    I'm Jim Bowes, most of my time is spent working on Agile web and technology projects, a bit running and its record label, a small amount doing comedy gigs, occasionally I write stuff and once in a while I do a bit of presenting.

    This blog and assorted pages are about all of these things. I'm hoping by writing about the things I do it will help me do them. Let's see.

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