Christmas, web stuff and plans

I’m finding it pretty hard to believe that it’s September since I wrote a blog, it’s now just a couple of days before Christmas, the goose should already be fat (filleted and vacuum packed as well?), the house should be stocked (if Tesco manage their delivery today) and we should all be ready for gluttony, rubbish TV and remembering how difficult spending more than 24 hours with our family is.


Looking back over the year it’s been one of my busiest for a long time, I delivered a big FatWire implementation at Barclays and decided, having done that it was time for a break from working in the banking sector.

I joined Cancer Research in late April where we’ve been implementing Agile/Scrum development practices and I’m getting ready for some big projects next year. I also took my third show to Brighton and Edinburgh festivals and to round the year off Ruth and I have bought our first flat, which hopefully we’ll move in to early next year.

If I could sum up how I feel about the year, over all I’d say I’m starting to feel like myself again. I’ve regained an excitement about technology that makes me explore new things. I’ve hung out with Punktilio and got more of an insight in to social media and I’ve taken on my first non day job web work for years (more about that when it launches).

The record label has gone from strength to strenth, My Lumiaries album came out, they played Glastonbury, Ben Marwood signed a deal with a bigger label for his album, MidiMidis signed publishing to BMG and played Reading/Leeds – we couldn’t really have asked for more.

I’m going to make it my new year’s resolution to write at least one blog a month, I think it’s fair to say that 2011 will be more about my life as a real geek than my geeky comedy shows. I’m also going to put a bit more time in to the record label – as we have some very exciting releases looking like they’ll happen next year.

Web stuff

It’s been a cool year for web stuff. The Winners of the Mashable awards will be announced in January nominations range from the Meme Sad Keanu all the way through to location site Foursquare which now has about 5 million users. Google has been pretty quiet in the social media space but using Android they’ve amassed 9 million users of their location service Latitude, somewhere along the line there has to be a use for knowing exactly where 9 million people are right now. I’m one of them. Hey Google *waves*.

Plenty of other things have caught my attention, the Guardian technology and TechCrunch feeds have been really useful, this anatomy of a good landing page is a pretty good article and I only wish I had time to read and learn more about all the fantastic stuff out there.

Web trends 2011

My prediction 1: Social shopping + location

I’ve been tracking some of the launches and statup funding that’s happened this year and location + shopping seems to be where a lot of energy is going. In 2011 I’d expect us to start to see some results from this, I guess it’s obvious really, if you can harness the power of what some people like to make other people buy the same and tell them when they’re near it. Where have recently got a big US patent for geofencing which could help keep them at the forefront of these services, or at least annoy some rivals.

A startup called Nuji was one of the start up award nominees for Le Web they’ve built a service around products gaining desirability through social networking, I think once this is mashed up with location based services and boundaries we’re getting closer to mobile devices suggesting things nearby that you will like by analysing your social graph – ultimately I think most people are still going to be uncomfortable with this. However I think there will be a niche breakthough in this area that will have to be built on the results and suggestions being trustworthy and actually good.

My prediction 2: Maturity of social media in organisations

I think a lot of organisations are still taking a lets get on Twitter/FaceBook/YouTube approach but this is changing and hopefully lots more organisations will take a long term strategic look at engaging on social media and also what the return for their efforts is. Jeremiah thinks it’ll be the year of integration, but I think we’re a bit behind that curve and if most organisations have dedicated staff and a centralised strategy next year we’ll be doing well.

So plenty of people could have predicted these, I guess my over arching thought is that next year now everyone is on the bandwagon we’ll be working out exactly where we want to go.

Of course anyone saying ‘Cloud’ or ‘Software as a Service’ will earn extra bonus sales point but these are two buzzwords that have already started grating.

Q. Where’s your dog?

A. I moved him to the cloud (He’s at the kennels)

Have an awesome Christmas.

Jim x

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